Continued Success of the Essential Project: Open Source Enterprise Architecture Management Tools

EAS General

The interest in the Essential Project is continuing and we’re fast approaching 1,000 downloads of the Essential enterprise architecture management tool. We should hit this milestone in the next few weeks and we will issue a press release to celebrate this achievement.
In looking at the stats, we’ve found that we have a large number of people who are using the site on a regular basis. The chart below is from Google Analytics and it shows the number of times that people have re-visited the site, so you can see that, for example, 607 people have visited the site between 26 and 50 times.

Google Analytics Essential Project repeat visitors

We guesstimate that we have at least 1,600 active users which is a good community of users so early in the life of the Essential Project. It’s great to see that the Essential Project site and enterprise architecture tools are proving to be of use to lots of people, and we do appreciate the feedback that we get. We would also welcome any help people are willing or able to offer to further discussions/requirements on the Essential Project forums or with developing the Essential Project meta-model and enterprise architecture management tools.

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