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Essential Viewer

Standard Out-Of-The-Box Views

See the standard out-of-the-box views provided with the open-source Essential download.
Click any instance starting 'A1' to see the working views’ on the OOTB viewer.

Essential Viewer Demo

Application Portfolio Management

Essential Business Lens

The APM Business Lens helps you to Identify rationalisation or innovation opportunities and get to grips with your Application estate.

APM Demo
Demo walk-through guide

Information And Data Management

Essential Business Lens

The Essential Information and Data Management Business Lens helps you understand and manage the information and data critical to your business.

Information and Data Management Demo
Available Soon

Strategic Resource Optimisation

Essential Business Lens

See how the Essential Strategic Resource Optimisation pack can help your organisation have the right people and skills for the future.

Strategic Resource Optimisation Demo
Available Soon

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