Supplier License Management

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The Supplier License Management View is used to keep track of your suppliers and important dates regarding the contracts you have. The Suppliers tab displays two supplier lists, the contract suppliers/resellers and the product/service suppliers. The Second tab is the Contract Renewal Outlook, this displays your contracts and lifecycle details about contracts.

To capture and maintain Supplier and Contract data we recommend using the Supplier & Contracts Editor. Data can also be captured and maintained from the Capture tab, see the meta model below for data that needs to be captured.

Suppliers Tab

This tab displays contract suppliers and product suppliers. You can filter by searching for specific suppliers in the Filter Suppliers box.

supplier and license management view

Selecting a supplier will display any contract details that are held with that supplier

Supplier License Management - Contract Selected

Using the filter:

using filter in supplier license management view

Contract Renewal Outlook Tab

This tab displays the Contract Review Period, the Beyond Cancellation Date, and the Contract Renewal Date. The tab gives you the option to filter by specific contracts, by either the organisation name or name of the contract. Alongside this, you can select the year to start from, and the outlook from the starting point (e.g. 4 years).

supplier license amnagement view renewal outlook

Meta Model

Suppler Contracts Editor

Data that can be captured in the Supplier and Contract Editor that will display in the Supplier Views.

Data Capture

The Contract notice period comes from the Csrs Contract Review Notice Days slot in the Supplier relationship Status Class dictates the notice period shown in the view, this can also be set using the Supplier and Contracts Editor.

renewal date slot

View Set-up

To enable the report, go to the capture screen in the Class Tree, go to EA Support > Essential Viewer > Report and find Core: Supplier License Management. Tick the Enabled box and publish to the Viewer to see the View in the View Library or other Portal.

Updated 16 February 2024

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