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IT Asset Dashboard

Programme Plan

Programme Summary

EA Principles Catalogue

Business Strategic Goals Model

Design Authority

Business Strategy Footprint ($)

Gap Analysis ($)

Business Issues Footprint ($)

Issues Heatmap ($)

EA Maturity ($)

Outsourcer Responsibilities ($)

Project Demand Analysis ($)

Standards Compliance - Apps ($)


Business Domain IT Analysis

Business Reference Model

Business Capability Summary

Business Change Analysis - Function/Service

Business Function/Service Model

Business Capability Change Footprint

Business Capability to Technology - Force

Business Capability to Technology - Tree

Business Change Analysis - Organisation Performance

Business Performance Model

Business Domain Process Analysis

Business Change Analysis - Business Process

Business Process Summary

Business Process Families

Value Chain Definition ($)

Business Service Interaction Model

Physical Process Workflow

Business Change Analysis - Location

Business Change Analysis - Organisation Structure

Business Organisation Structure Model

Physical Process Catalogue by Domain


Application Reference Model

Application Capability Summary

Application Rationalisation

Application Rationalisation - APM ($)

Application Provider Catalogue as Table

Application Footprint Comparison

Application Deployment Summary

Application Diversity Analysis

Application Impact Analysis

Animated Application Roadmaps

Application Information Dependency Model

Application Provider Summary

Strategic Roadmap

Application Service Catalogue by Name

Application Reference Model ($)

Application Information Dependency Model

Application Candidate Replacement Analysis ($)

Application Duplication Analysis

Strategic Radar

Application Software Architecture

Applications by Host Country

Applications by User Country

Application Service Rationalisation Analysis ($)

Application Service Cost vs Supported Revenue Analysis ($)

Application Technical Health Analysis ($)

Application to Business Capability Analysis ($)

Application Dependency Network ($)

Application Organisation Usage

Application Service Stakeholder Model

Application Service Summary

Application Health ($)

Building Block Analysis ($)

Candidate Assessment ($)

Application Location ($)

Process to Application Mapping ($)

Application Business Fit Analysis ($)

Application Cost Analysis ($)

Application Cost Summary ($)

Application Function Implementation Summary


Technology Reference and Standards Model

Technology Strategy Alignment

Technology Standards Alignment ($)

Technology Strategy Timeline ($)

Technology Change Analysis - Technology Component

Technology Change Analysis - Technology Distribution

Technology Component Catalogue by Name

Technology Component Summary

Technology Node Catalogue by Name

Technology Node Summary

Application Technology Platform Model

Technology Product Catalogue as Table

Technology Product Summary

Technology Lifecycle View ($)


Standards Compliance - Projects ($)

Principles Compliance ($)

Principles Compliance - Detailed ($)

Security Compliance ($)


Data Object Summary

Data Object Provider Model

Data Subject Scarcity/Redundancy

Information Change Analysis - Data Security

Data Security Model

Data Object Model

Data Subject Model

Data Subject to Application Service Model

Data to Application Service Model

Information Catalogue by Information Concept

Data Subject Security Model

Data Quality Chooser ($)

Data Repository Summary ($)

Data Quality Analysis ($)

Data Quality Dashboard ($)

Global Data Map ($)

Data Subject and Object Mapping by Application ($)

Data Subject Summary

Information Change Analysis - Data Availability

Business Change Analysis - Information

Information Concept Summary

Application Info/Data Summary

Information Reference Model

Data Lineage ($)

Data Matrix ($)

Data Lake Dashboard ($)

Data Repository Dashboard ($)

Data Object Lifecycle ($)

Information View Summary

Privacy Analysis ($)

Data Privacy ($)

Process to Data Mapping ($)


Competency Catalogue ($)

Group Actor Summary

Project People Network

Project Summary

Stakeholder Catalogue by Name

Stakeholder Summary

Job Catalogue ($)

Organisation Structure with Gaps ($)

People Catalogue ($)

Resource Gap Analysis ($)

Resource Utilisation ($)

Role Catalogue ($)

Skills Framework Catalogue ($)

Skills Matrix ($)

Skills Qualification ($)

Skills Qualification Analysis ($)

Skills Summaries ($)

Utilisation Analysis ($)


Data Duplicate Dashboard

Duplicate Instance Finder

Data Completeness Dashboard

GDPR PIA Data Assessment ($)

GDPR Application Dashboard ($)

GDPR Business Process Dashboard ($)

GDPR Enterprise Exposure Dashboard ($)

Instance Tree

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