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Lastest Updates on the Essential Project

6.4 Release of the Model & Viewer

We've launched v6.4 of meta model and Viewer. Essential Cloud users have the update available in their console. Essential OS users should download and apply the EUP from the updates area and do a pull from the Essential Viewer Github site

This release contains only changes to the Viewer application and the meta-model. It also contains all the views and meta-model updates added as part of the Launchpad 3 pack.
For more information on Launchpad 3, visit

New Views in this Release

  • Application - Application Footprint Comparison
  • Application - Application Rationalisation Analysis
  • Business - Business Capability Catalogue as a table
  • Business - Business Process Family Summary
  • Enterprise - IT Asset Dashboard Checker
  • Enterprise - IT Asset Dashboard
  • Technology - Technology Product Selector
  • Support - Class Overview
  • Support - Completeness View
  • Support - Duplicate Finder + Filter

Bug Fixes and Improvements in this Release

  • Application Layer - Application Provider catalogue as a table
  • Application Provider Summary - added support for displaying costs
  • Application Rationalisation Analysis - bug fixes and ui improvements
  • Business Process Family - bug fixes
  • Business - Business Process Catalogue as Table - Switch to be default catalogue for Business Processes
  • Business Process Summary - added support for displaying costs, added Application Services to roles table, removed unnecessary link
  • External Links - added support for embedded videos
  • Portal Template - security updates (Cloud)
  • Enterprise Strategic Roadmap - set start date of roadmap to current date
  • Data Object Summary - display correct label for data object attributes
  • Data Security Model - add support for more menu links for different classes
  • Technology Instance Summary - corrected spelling
  • Technology Product selector - removed excel button
  • Added Physical Process to Group Actor Summary
  • Support for technology standards separate from lifecycle status
  • Bug fix in all Business Capability views for a recursive child capability issue

Other Updates

  • Added the Font Awesome 4 library as PNGs to support future views
  • Added some legacy classes to core css for backwards compatibility
  • Add the moment.js library in the js folder
  • Removed some development and debug code
  • Core library updates for better error handling
  • Support for opening menu items in a new window using a custom parameter
  • Improvements to multi-language handling
  • Security fixes for home and view library (Cloud)

More Awards – 03/12/2018

For the third year running, EAS has won top place in Corporate Live Wires’ Innovation & Excellence Awards. For the second year running we have also been named as Enterprise Architecture Firm of the Year based on Essential and our consulting expertise. People are recognising how Essential is an enterprise architecture tool built by architects for architects. For further details click here

The Essential Playbook - 27/09/2018

We're developing an Essential Playbook with steps on how to be successful with your enterprise architecture using Essential. It walks through different scenarios and starting points, and tells you who to engage, how to engage them, what data you need and which views you should aim to get working. We'll be releasing some plays early, see the first play here

Essential Labs Updated – 2/8/2018

Essential labs gives you access to early releases of views and capabilities that we are developing.
Latest updates include Application Technology Lifecycle Management, Complete Application Landscape and the ability to embed videos in views. For further details click here

Essential Launchpad v3 released – 19/7/2018

Essential Launchpad is a free tool that helps organisations quick start their data capture and populate over 20 key foundational EA views.
v3 adds further application rationalisation support, a strategic technology product selector and utilises the new business process family class.
For further details click here

Essential GDPR – Extended Support – 4/7/2018

The Essential GDPR Pack utilises EA principles and the Essential met model to allow organisations to see where they are GDPR compliant and where they have areas of risk.
The addition of the GDPR Regulator Spreadsheet enables you to automatically export your Essential GDPR data directly into the Regulator’s GDPR Spreadsheet, saving considerable time and allowing a speedy response to the FCA. The new Essential GDPR PIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment) analyses the impact of change on new or existing applications and processes.
For further details click here

Essential v6.2 Released – 4/5/2018

Minor Essential release. For further details click here

Essential Labs updated – 2/3/2018

Repository Data Management views help you manage the quality and completeness of data in your repository, ensuring your EA is up to date and you are making decisions against accurate information. For further details click here

Enterprise Architecture Firm of the Year – 14/12/2017

We are delighted to announce that, for the second year running, EAS has won top place in Corporate Live Wires’ Innovation & Excellence Awards.
For further details click here