Making complex organisations easier to manage

This is our mission.

Any large-scale organisation – be it a business, government agency, charity or academic institution – is difficult to manage. The problems are compounded by the impact of external factors such as changing customer demand, increasing competitive pressures or more demanding regulatory requirements, as well as by internal conflicts.

We make complex organisations easier to manage.

Within this dynamic situation the survival and prosperity of the organisation depends on agility: the ability to respond to change, make wise decisions, and redirect resources. A common problem impeding organisational agility is, however, lack of visibility of the relevant assets: the people, functions, processes, systems, information sources and technology platforms. Without a clear and shared view of these assets and their interdependencies, management decision-making is severely hampered and organisational change becomes a high risk game – unpredictable in terms of its disruptive impacts and its costs.

We have developed Essential and its associated services to provide our clients with the means to make their organisational assets visible to management, and thus supportive of change.

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