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More detail on the key views

What's new in Launchpad v3

We've introduced a couple of views that allow you to ask questions of your architecture, plus a business family view.

1) Application Rationalisation

Identify opportunities to reduce cost, remove duplication or reuse existing technology

This view allow you to compare either an application or a set of services to your existing application estate. It allows you to filter on various criteria to narrow down candidates for rationalisation.

Apart from a focus application, the view allows you select a set of services and see where in your estate those services exist, for example, if you are considering acquiring a new application, then you may want to see which existing applications it could replace. The selection by service allows you to do this.

Note: The Launchpad version is based on a more extensive version that is in our Application Portfolio Management pack
application rationalisation

Select your application or services on the left hand side. The applications in the estate that closely match the selection, based on duplication of services, will show in the cards area. Filter those by the different criteria. Applications with the symbol are candidates to be replaced by the focus application.

2) Strategic Technology Product Selector

Reduce technology risk and cost by ensuring use of strategic technology products

If you have (or want) reference architectures for your technology, this view allows projects to select technology against your reference architecture, so which technology is standard and which is off strategy, what is allowed to proceed and what requires a waiver.
We provide the spreadsheets to define your reference architectures and bulk load your technology into Essential

Select technology products against your organisation's technology reference architecture. The tool will show you the available products and their status against your organisation's standards.

To use it, you select the technology capabilities you require for a solution

strategic technology selector

Choose the reference architecture(s) applicable to your solution

strategic technology reference architecture

Select the products to use against the components in your reference architecture

reference architecture components

3) Business Process Family

Identify opportunities to rationalise business processes through the use of families.

Group similar processes into familiese.g. global processes that are named differently, and then use that in your analysis. See where they are physically performed

business process family

Fact-Based, Data-Driven, Intelligent Decisons

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