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Videos in this section apply to both Essential OS and Essential Cloud. The classes and slots used are exactly the same for both products. At the bottom of each video we have the meta model and, where appropriate, on the meta model diagrams we highlight the recommended class to start from.
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Meta Model Diagrams

Programme Plans

Programmes to Projects, linking stakeholders to both

Strategic Roadmap

Strategic Plans to Projects and Roadmaps, Roadmaps to Milestones to Architecture States and architecture element exists in

EA Principles

Principles to Assessements to the elements assessed

Business Capability/Reference Model

Business Capabilities tied to parent/children

Business Capability to Technology (Tree/Force)

Business Capabilities tied to Business Processes. Business Processes tied to (a) Application Services and the Applications Providing (b) Physical Processes and the applications supporting, tied to the Application Deployment and Technology Nodes the physical application instance(s) sit on

Project People Network

Actors and their Roles tied to Projects and Programmes

Business Service Interaction

Business Services and their dependence on other Business Services

Business Function/Service Model

Product Types tied to Physical Processes, realising Business Processes, and supported by applications

Business Domain Process Analysis

Applications and technologies supporting the processes within a Business Domain

Business Process to Physical Process

Business Process tied to the Physical Processes and whom performs them

Business Service User

Product Type to an Actor and Role

Business Service to Application

Business Service to application via Business Process and Physical Process

Application Reference Model

Application Capabilities, with parents and children, tied to associated services

Applications to Application Service

Application to the Application Service(s) they provide

Applications Service to Business Process

Business Processes and the Application Services they use

Application Impact Analysis

Applications tied to the business processes they support, and the stakeholders at teach level

Application Diversity Analysis

Applications linked to the technologies used to implement them, via the software and technology architectures

Application Information Dependency

Linkages between applications and the data sent between them based on the function being utilised

Application Software Architecture

Software components used within an application, including dependencies

Application Technology Strategy Alignment

The deployment of applications tied to the technology products and components that support those deployments

Applications to Database Mapping

Databases tied to applications

Static Architecture

Correct representation of a static architecture

Information Reference Model

Information Concepts associated with Business Domains

Data Object Model

Data Object Model creation with generalisations and specialisations of data objects

Design Authority

Definition of Application Provider Roles and Technology Provider Roles to support the Design Authority


Regulations and their owner tied to elements impacted by regulation

Issue to Related Element

Issues tied to the elements they relate to

Supporting Documentation

Associating external documentation with repository elements

Managing Costs

How to utilise the cost capabilities

How To Use Essential Cloud

Key Activities in Essential Cloud