A brief history of Essential

From zero to hero in a flash.

EAS is Born!

EAS established as a niche enterprise architecture consultancy.


Essential is Conceived

Surprised at the number of organisations that used only PowerPoint, Visio and Excel to support their EA work, EAS start to investigate the use of tools more suited to analysing large data sets to aid them in their EA engagements. Initial versions looked at the use of Rational Rose, amongst others, until we identified Protégé and the power of ontologies.


Essential is Launched

The first open source EA tool built by architects for architects, providing the capabilities ‘essential’ to supporting EA engagements, hence the name. We expected to shake up the market place, we were staggered by the uptake with over 200 downloads within the first few weeks.

March 2009


Essential reaches 1,000 downloads of Essential in just 4 months.

July 2009

Launched EAValuator

Our online maturity assessment tool.

November 2009

1st Anniversary of Essential

First anniversary of Essential, over 3,000 downloads of the tool.

March 2010

Strategy Management

Extended the meta model to include the Strategy Management Pack, as requested by the Essential Community

December 2010

Information and Data

Extended the meta model to include the Information and Data Pack, as requested by the Essential Community

June 2010

Our Community Grows

Essential has been downloaded over 6,000 times and the community has 1200 active members, suggesting updates and contributing their own changes

December 2010

Version 3 Released

A rewrite of Essential Viewer and the addition of Security Management, amongst other changes requested by the community brings Essential into the mainstream.

May 2012

We've got you covered!

– EAS launch a range of support packs to allow dedicated support alongside the forums

July 2012

Version 4 Released

A major upgrade including a multi-language framework for the viewer and modeller; packs are available in Arabic and US English, as well as partial translations for French and Spanish. Also a significant update to the integration tab and the addition of the Essential Import Utility, allowing easy importing of existing Excel spreadsheets

March 2013

Analyst Recognition

Forrester name Essential one of the top 10 EA Tools

TOGAF Mapping

Does Essential support TOGAF was a question often asked? It does, in fact the Essential Meta Model is richer in content, and so we released a TOGAF to Essential mapping to support those using Essential, although the tool remains framework agnostic.

April 2014

Version 5 Released

A major upgrade which brings a redesigned Essential Viewer and a significant update to the core meta-model.

January 2016

Essential Packs Launched

The first business pack, sitting on top of Essential, is released.

September 2016

Over 120,000 downloads of Essential

Essential has been used by over 50% of fortune 500 companies as well as making EA tools available to many medium sized enterprises previously excluded.

October 2016

Essential Cloud

Essential Cloud Public Preview arrives.

February 2017

Essential Cloud General Release

Essential Cloud moves to general release.

October 2017

Essential Launchpad Live

The free Essential Launchpad version 1 launches

March 2018