Extending the Essential Meta-Model to Strategic Communications

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I am a final-year Computing student at Sheffield Hallam University.

As part of my portfolio of work, I have been asked to associate strategic communications with data infrastructures. The data element is covered by Essential and its meta-model and as we know, it is extensible. I have been extending this model to the AMEC Strategic Communications Framework such that where I find a definition from AMEC (from its dictionary) that relates to EP I can refer to that specific class within EP but map the AMEC definition to the specific EP object within a spreadsheet.

However, when working through the dictionary, I noted a surplus of definitions that relate to ethics. How would I map a definition of an ethic across to an appropriate meta-object within EP? I understand that trying to map Ethics (which focuses on behaviour/decision making) across to a largely technology-orientated ontology could present challenges unless new meta-objects were created/the model extended.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could include Strategic Communications for this?

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As Dom's tutor, I'd add that an EA tool that can capture PR (Public Relations), the outcome of Strategic Communications, would take EA and EP into an area where EA tools have not gone. It would go towards validating that an organisation's EA meets its purpose, epitomised by its PR. My thoughts 🤔
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