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v2.0 of the PowerBI Dashboard is now released,

Until such time it's merged with Master it can be found under the Pull request https://github.com/essentialproject/ess ... ll/3/files

You should find all the necessary PowerBI concepts and ideas to produce what you need (there's examples of merge query, building relationships to resolve ambiguity, creating custom columns for sorting, hiding and renaming elements to make it more end-user friendly, etc. etc.)

If anyone wants to refine this version, or a parallel version further using more elegant data techniques, i'd certainly be appreciative, as i'm self-taught PowerBI and happy to learn what optimisations can be made.

It'd also be cool if anyone was to upload example dashboards they've made (ideally using the out-of-the-box standard Essential Classes and relationships).

Let me know below if this helps anyone (just add comment below) - as it's nice to know if it's hit (or missed) the mark
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