Repository Issues with Version 1.22

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I am currently undertaking work within Essential Cloud (version 1.22) and have been experiencing issues when trying to Capture data within my Repository.

When accessing it I receive the following: 'Error: Oops, something went wrong. Please try again'. I ran into this issue last week but it seemed to be fixed by my Tutor granting me System Admin permissions. I have been able to carry out work again this morning, but the error is now persisting.

Can anyone advise on this, please? I need access to this Repository for my University portfolio and its demonstration aspect - my portfolio is due on 30/11. I have noticed that the GUI of Essential has been updated, and I didn't have this issue before the update - possible correlation?

Many thanks
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Can you provide some more detail on what class and instance caused the issue or if it happens all the time, do you remember what you were working on when this happened?
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