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Declan Lynch
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While looking at the Technology Reference Model view I see that a Technology Capability can contain other technology capabilities similar to how business capabilities can contain other business capabilities, however there doesn't seem to be a way to view that layered structure on the reference model view. It just shows the Technology Domains and the Technology Capabilities that directly reference the Technology Domain.

Is there a way to view the Technology Reference Model with nested capabilities similar to how the Business Reference Model currently works?
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Hi Declan,

I'm using OpenSource Platform, however hope the meta-model structure is able to be leveraged each other.

Attached is the meta-model that I used to connect Technology_Capability with other classes, and with those relations I can show the Tech_Reference_Model in nested structure.

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We currently don't have a nested view like the bus cap. The Technology Reference Model does nest, but you need to click the arrows to dive into the detail.
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