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We have developed an Application Reference Model (ARM) and are using the default ARM in the Essential Cloud Viewer. The ARM is a key view that is being looked at by a broad set of stakeholders.

The default ARM view from Essential Cloud draws up the application capabilities as tall vertical boxes which requires the screen to be scrolled down.

We would like to present as much of the ARM on a single screen using more screen breadth with a different choice of colours.
Is it possible to configure the ARM view within Essential Cloud to improve its look and feel.?
Or do we need to customise through custom XSL files?

Any help appreciated.

Vivek Pande
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Hi Vivek,

The Application Reference Model is not customisable via repository configuration but you can take a copy of the XSL file and easily modify it. Changing the styling would be straightforward for a developer with HTML and CSS experience. You can find a copy of all of our Views on our GitHub page.

Trying to fit this on a single page is very challenging especially if you have more than a hundred capabilities and even more app services. Generally on the web, users are more comfortable scrolling down the page rather than across (though sometimes you need both). I've seen reference models which try to show everything on screen at once and then you zoom in/out. This is something we have discussed but these can take more significant development time to design and build. We might look at something like this in the future.

If you don't have access to development resources internally, then reach out to your account manager to discuss options for the EAS professional services team to look at this.


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