Viewer - File upload API for Continuous Delivery integration

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Hi folks,

We are using Essential Cloud and started to develop custom reports which require zip + upload + unpack on every modification. Also, due to security restrictions it is also not possible to modify xsl files directly using the web editor. Additionally we would like to have the reports under source code control. In this way report development becomes a quite cumbersome process.

Therefore I was wondering if we can use our source code control system to implement a Continuous Delivery process which automatically zips the files and uploads to the Viewer on each release cycle. What I am missing is a hint/documentation how to push files to the Viewer via API, is this possible at all?

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Hi Enrico,

I've spoken to the team and they say the security will almost certainly block the Continuous Delivery approach at the moment. We are looking to make this much simpler and are looking at a few options (e.g. WebDav).

Let me speak to the team about some short-term options for you

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