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When we do the various activities to customise our viewer, how do we backup, or export these configurations so that we can reimport them should we backup and restore from another instance?

Eg We restored our pre-prod into prod... but wanted our original prod Viewer configuration settings to remain.

Your advice would be appreciated.
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At the moment there isn't a simple way to carry this across. We're looking to build a form for Cloud/Docker to manage this and maybe an import for Open Source

For now do you need both portals and views, or would just views be OK? Creating an export to turn views on an off, or replicate those switched on in another repo, should be straightforward, but portals is a bit harder. Would that help?
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If I keep the Enterprise Architecture Portal as the one where I vary what reports/views we show.
Then what you suggest would be a help - a big help.

This is on the assumption that we can see all available views in the view library.
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Can you advise if there has been any further action with regard to this. I have a need for this for viewer configuration but also to manage users.

Rolling the need up, I want to be able to manage some custom configuration outside of the tool so that it can be used in the following ways:
- Set up and apply custom view configuration to each environment without having to do each instance/slot manually in each environment
- Re-apply user access to a specific environment (repository) after refreshing it from the master repository

If the product provides no support for this (at present), what is the easiest/best way to set up so that I can export/import selected class instances which need to be applied across the different environments (each implemented as one repository). I have not found anything specific describing how to both export and import selected class instances.

Any advice greatly appreciated.
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