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Access management on object level

Posted: 03 Feb 2020, 09:01
by jan.mlynar
Hi, we are discussing usability of EP in our organisation. The only issue seems to be, that it is not possible to manage access rights on object level (even in cloud/docker version). We have a number of subsidiaries across the world, they operate quite autonomous and sharing of information is not possible, but they use some shared applications, which are provided (developed) by shared service centre.

So at technology level, information cannot shared, while some objects on application and business levels should be shared - that is why even separated repositories for each subsidiary would not solve the problem. On top of this, people on the group level has to see everything.

I think, that some kind of workspaces would solve the issue - objects are assigned to the workspace and role based access could restrict access to the specified workspace only.

Re: Access management on object level

Posted: 03 Feb 2020, 12:48
by JohnM
Hi Jan,

You are correct you cannot do this in Open Source, but you can control access in Cloud/Docker. You can set classifications up at an instance level if required, plus you can set permissions across instances as well, think of it as a matrix of security - so you can create roles that can see shared information plus just their own information in their subsidiary. We built the security model in cloud to address the limitations in the open source version. Contact the team if you'd like to discuss more.