Set up notifications to stay on top of changes provided by different contributors

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As EA Tool Admin, I would like to be notified and stay on top of any changes to our Organization's workspace. For example, I would be notified when a new Application, Business Process, Technology product, etc., is created,

Notifications are a powerful tool to keep track of your Data Quality and enable collaboration within the Essential. This is why I'm suggesting implementing notifications as a standard tool. This feature should be enabled by default on all workspaces.

I could provide more detail, if necessary

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Thanks for this. We've got something on our roadmap around this, based on some current capabilities we have implemented. We're still gathering requirements at the moment so will feed this in.

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If these notifications are not available, I assume Essential is not able to trigger an external API call in response to an event, if for example a new application is created and we need to replicate the information to another system by using the REST API layer.

Thank you,
Elena B
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