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Information and Data Pack Issues

Posted: 28 Jul 2011, 17:03
by jonathan.carter
The purpose of this topic is to capture any issues that have been found with the Information and Data pack, released June 2011.

I will bring the existing issues into here as separate postings.

Work is underway to fix the issues that have already been identified and we will allow some more time to find any further issues before we issue the update to this pack.

Please post replies to this topic to record any issues you find with the Information and Data Pack.


Information Catalogue by Domain View

Posted: 28 Jul 2011, 17:04
by jonathan.carter
The information/info_catalogue_by_domain.xsl View in the Information and Data pack shows no information objects.

The View doesn't show any Information Views or Data Objects if there are no sub-domains defined in the business conceptual layer.

The view (erroneously) assumes that all the business domains to which the Data Subjects and Information Concepts are mapped to are sub-domains.

Information Store to Information Representation

Posted: 28 Jul 2011, 17:06
by jonathan.carter
On the Information Store class, the slot to the Information Representation (Deployment of Information Representation) should be an instance of Information Representation, not APP_PRO_TO_INFOREP_RELATION as it is currently defined.

This meta model issue causes the Data Managed by Application View to fail to render correctly.

System of Record Field on Data Object

Posted: 28 Jul 2011, 17:06
by jonathan.carter
Version 1.0 of the Information and Data Pack only allows a single system of record to be defined against a Data Object. This should be updated to allow multiple systems of record to be defined for any Data Object.