Link between business and Application capabilities

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Firstly thanks you for putting out such a great tool as open source.

I am starting to investigate Essential Project in view of deploying it in my organisation. I was wondering, is there a standard view report that shows which application capabilities support which business capabilities?

Also, I note in the business capability summary view that the contained business capabilities are shown there, but in the application capability summary view, the contained application capabilities are not. Is there a report that shows this relationship.

Many thanks in advance.
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Thanks for the post, Pascal.

I don’t think any of our out of the box views provide exactly what you are looking for. However, the idea with Essential Viewer in particular is that this is a platform on which you can quickly put together the view that meets your needs, using the 100+ out of the box views as a strong starting point.

For a tabular view of the Application Capabilities that are supporting the Business Capabilities, you could look at the Business Domain IT Analysis view and adjust the queries and results to show Application Capabilities instead of Application Services.

All of the source for doing this is right there in the Viewer in the View template XSL files, in this case:

You can take a copy of this, rename the file and move it to the ‘user’ folder in Viewer to avoid any of our updates affecting it. And this approach is very much the concept for working with Viewer. Of course, we’d be happy to help you (either directly or through the forum) with this.

In terms of the Application Capabilities and sub-capabilities, again the out-of-the-box views don’t really show this. Perhaps the closest would be the Application Reference Model (which shows Application Services within Capabilities). You could take a similar approach and use this as a basis for making a pure Application Capability reference model, copying and renaming the ‘application/core_al_app_ref_model.xsl’ file as described above, and replacing the queries for Application Services with a query to get and render the sub-application capabilities.

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Hi Jonathan
Thanks for the comprehensive responses to my posts.
I think I am starting to get the hang of how the tool works. I will follow your tips.
Thanks again.
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Hi Pascal,

We may be able to provide you with an Application Capability Model. You will need to make some modifications to the Class Structure but as Jonathan has said this is not overly complex.

You need to make sure you understand how you want to link the capabilities. i.e.: You may not want a link from Business Capability to Application Capability but rather a third party link from group actor / Objectives, Projects etc.

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