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Is it possible to capture and display data classification for data objects, such as public, private, confidential and restricted?


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Have you try the "Data Category" field? Maybe that's not the perfect one, but you can create the classification as list of Category and assign that per Data Object.
Then in View: Data Subject Summary you can see that in the "Data Objects" table.
You can also set Category to Data Subject level, depending on how's your data model hierarchy.
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Hey Xiaoqi

Thanks for your suggestion. I'm already using the category field so I guess I will need to create a new field and edit the data object summary view to display the field.
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On the definition side: you should use the 'Security_Classification" Class to define such classifications ( public, private, confidential and restricted).

You can then apply these classifications to architecture elements (such as data objects) with the "Classified XXXX" slots of these classifications. Obviously, you should use the "Classified Information Resources" for Data Object.

On the reporting side : (as far as I know) there are two reports that displays security classifications : the "data object summary" ("data object details tab" ) and the "application summary" ( "application data tab"). See attached screenshots (where the classification is "Donnée sensible").

Note that in the "data object summary "the displayed classification is strangely displayed in the "Relevant Regulations" section.


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Perfect, that's exactly what I wanted. Thanks Jean-Marie.
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