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Import Utility - Impact of Meta Model Changes

Posted: 21 Aug 2016, 04:20
by colinfrewen
Hi All,

We have become quite skilled at using the import utility as well as building a comprehensive list of excel exports and this is a primary means of uploading / downloading data
With the latest update to 506 our imports have stopped working. We do have modifications against our meta model and have taken those into account in the imports. We can't see why the import is not working. When we import it executes with success but does not populate protege. If we apply it aginst a test based on 506 it executes fine. We have applied the latest update pack so logic tells me it should work.
What are we missing? Can you advise on problem solving process. We can rebuild into new base metamodel but then we need to extract everything and to-date we haven't found an approach that works without building out more excel exports and these can take a long time. Advise would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Import Utility - Impact of Meta Model Changes

Posted: 22 Aug 2016, 02:08
by colinfrewen

"Asked & Answered"

We published all projects then imported into the new structure the resulting report xml with a modified xsl script to deal with our modifications. Used the error messages on each import to identify changes required.

We have re implemented some but not all of our changes to allow for our enhancements to Stakeholders, Taxonomy, App_Provider, Risk, Governance, Portfolio Assessment and for our integration to Aris and our CMDB.