How to allow global search get all matchingClasses?

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One another question on global search usage.

When we fill in the key word, the search result has 3 columns: Name, Description and Type.

It's perfectly working that all of the contents (or say Instances) in the repository which had configured in "Report_Menu" (refer to previous post: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=3040) are shown.

Reading the current code in "common/core_search_results.xsl", as attached, I see the "matchingInstances" line which I understand that may define the Current Search Coping for all allowed Instances. However, there's one line below for "matchingClasses" but was commented.

I have one related needs, although the result table allows your to further filter in those 3 columns, i.e. if I type "Business Process" then all of the results as instance of Business_Process will be filtered. But if I try to search "Business Process" directly, it's not able to show all instances of Business Processes.

I know there are numbers of different catalogues that can provide users with variable viewpoint, just want to know whether there's one way that I can enable in this global searching function with Classes into the searching scope as Instances? I tried to uncomment that above line but not working.

The simple use case: allow user to key in Class Name, e.g. Business Capability, Data Object, etc., then all of the instances with Type = Business Process or Type = Data Object will be shown in the search result.

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