Essential Baseline Project for v4.0.1

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First, I want to thank you all for your efforts to continually improve and enhance the Essential Modeller. I have downloaded the Enhancement Pack and upgraded several of my models to v4.0.1.

Second, I did not find a starter project for v4 models on the website. I went ahead and took the baseline project from v3.0.4 and ran it through the upgrade process to produce a starting point for my new v4.0.1 models. I wanted to share those upgraded files here, but the resultant .pprj file is 15MB and the zip file containing the .pprj, .pont and .pins files is 1MB. These files are too large to upload to the forum.

Is there an upgraded v4.0.1 baseline project available on the web site?

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Thanks for your efforts, Hunter

There's a Version 4 demo repository (upgraded demo 3.5 with some fixes) available to download from our share area.

Essential Project Team
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