Integration tab: co-publish an rdf view of the model

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EAS chose to use the frame model for the essential ontology.

That's fine as the open world logic associated with owl may be too open for well definite entities such as those defined in an E.A.

But .. in some case it would be fine to have an rdf model of the ontology at hand *in the viewer*. Some use cases may be :
  • +) linked/open data for public organizations,
    +) reuse of already existing javascript programs and/or reports in the rdf domain
So would it be possible to extends the essential integration tab in order to co-publish an rdf/rdfs view of the model together with the reportXML.xml file already published ?

PS: Note that this is already possible by exporting the essential ontology as rdf/rdfs and then scp the export to the file system on the tomcat server
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Would the Snapshot Tab help?

This is included in the current release via the installer.

Once you've enabled the tab, you can export the entire repository as RDF, OWL/RDF etc.

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