Core for the metamodel?

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I am thinking about hacking an open ontology into Archi.
It seems that copyright-wise the Essential ontology would be a good choice. However I would like to minimise the work (and make it a bit more flexible) by implementing only a core ontology, and then make possible to proceed with extension through specialisation.
Can a core of the Essential ontology identified, where each layer have some 5-6 classes, and there are 5-10 types of relationships alltogether? If yes, how should I begin with that?
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Copyright-wise, we're using GNU's copy-left approach. You are free to use it but are obliged to credit the use of the Essential Meta Model in there.

Our ontology started out with far fewer meta classes starting with the core metamodel that is shown in the Essential Meta Model Overview with around 5-10 classes in each of the boxes of that diagram.

It has evolved through necessity to the current ontology, driven by what we found we needed rather than purely theoretical perspectives (not that I'm suggesting any other meta model is!)

In terms of identifying the core meta model, it really is everything under the Business Layer, Information Layer, Application Layer and Technology Layer with their associated relationships. However, depending on the focus of your modelling activities, you will find particular subsets of these classes are what you will use most. The point is as your focus changes, that subset will change.

In terms of where to start, I think that looking at the summary meta model diagrams probably draw out the most important classes and would be a good - if slightly larger than you had in mind - starting point.
Business Layer
Information Layer
Application Layer
Technology Layer

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