Business Process Modelling

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Are there any plans to implement BPMN within the Essential suite?
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At this moment, the Essential Project does not support BPMN, but you are certainly not the first Essential Project Member to ask about this capability (see BPMN Support Post).

The good news is that we are actively investigating the possibility of providing support for XPDL which should allow for exporting and importing of Business Process Models to/from tools that support BPMN. One of the key challenges to providing this capability, however, is that of maintaining the principle of separating knowledge and presentation (e.g. should swimlanes exist as explicit meta-classes in the knowledge base, or are they just a way of presenting processes that involve multiple roles?).

We'll keep you posted on our progress.

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I agree with the comments on XPDL and BPMN. It would be great to be able to import processes from other tools like iGrafix or TIBCO's tool. BPMN is definitely the way to go on the process modeling front.
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