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Viewer Builder

Posted: 12 Jan 2023, 10:09
by jbyrne
We now have the Editor Builder which is a good way of letting people update the metamodel without having the navigate the back end.

Would be great to have a Viewer Builder to allow us to simply create views from scratch or from using existing views with a few alterations. The out of the box views are good for specific audiences, but increasingly finding that different people want different views and the information is in the tool, but not easy to create the view so having to revert back to Visio which reduces the value of having a tool like Essential. I know the existing views are available in GitHub and courses are available to create views, but this does not come easy to many people and will often take longer than creating the required information in Visio

Re: Viewer Builder

Posted: 17 Jan 2023, 11:07
by jasonp

a Viewer Builder is indeed something that we are already investigating as an approach to provide greater flexibility and accessibility for views, however we are yet to agree a target date for this capability. In the mean time, we have some clients who are using the Editor Builder, in conjunction with security access control, to provide general users with basic, read-only presentation of selected data.



Re: Viewer Builder

Posted: 20 Oct 2023, 00:36
by simonpolovina
A low-code/no-code Viewer builder would be great, and align with contemporary practice in this field 👌🏼