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Would be good to extend Essential to allow us to record and report on SLAs agreed with the business / suppliers

Tried shoe horning this into Business Process RTO/RPO Mapping view but falls down. For example:

App1 has Ap Business Criticality set at 1: High
App2 has Ap Business Criticality set at 2: Medium

Can set the RTO and RPO for the App itself and the associated Ap Business Criticality which works well (and is what is designed out of the box)

Would be good though to be able to record and report on 'things done' in the apps and the associated SLA agreed. For example:
Integration between App1 and App2 needs takes less than 3 seconds
Uptime for App1 at 99.99%
Uptime for App2 at 99.9%
User logon to App1 set at 5 seconds
etc etc etc

Tried setting the 'things done' as a Business Process which I can record RTO and RPO against, but this has to link back to the app itself and the RTO and RPO associated with the Ap Business Criticality of the app.

Is there a way of doing this? Or is this additional functionality to add to a future release?
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we have been exploring extensions to the meta-model for supporting SLAs with a number of organisations, but are yet to formally introduce them. The examples that you have provided are consistent with use cases that we have been looking to support. Other use cases, include the ability to group SLAs into "schedules" that are then associated with EA elements and then consumed by other elements. For example, Schedule A (Bronze) represents a set of SLAs offered by a SaaS Application (or service) which is then consumed by Organisation B when they perform Business Process C. But Schedule D (Silver) represents a different set of SLAs offered by the same SaaS Application (or service) which is consumed by Organisation E when they perform the same Business Process C.

This allows for the creation of pre-defined, "off-the-shelf" schedules that are adopted by most consumers of a service, as well as custom schedules that are agreed for specific service consumers.

I appreciate that this is probably beyond the scope of what you are looking to do, but we are keen to ensure that we take an approach that has the flexibility to support both simple and complex SLA management scenarios. We will certainly be looking to introduce this in a future release, once we feel we have identified an approach that meets this criteria. As such, any further feedback or uses cases are always very much appreciated.


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Hi Jason

Thanks for the reply

That sounds exactly what we would like - I was being very simplistic in my example. Would definitely give this a big +1
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