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Launchpad v5 - Next Version

Posted: 08 Jan 2020, 09:03
by sarah.smith
Hi All,

We're just starting work on the next version of the Launchpad and we're thinking of adding extensions for Lifecycles and Suppliers.

Would be very interested to hear your views and any suggestions you have for how we can improve it.


Re: Launchpad v5 - Next Version

Posted: 22 Nov 2023, 21:00
by ellenab

I am trying to add Supplier column to Applications worksheet in the Launchpad. I followed the steps below:

1. I added the column in the Launchpad and added also the Supplier Check
2. I clicked on Edit Import Specifications and defined under Application worksheet a Simple Instance for Supplier
3. Under Simple Instance for Application Class when trying to add an Instance Slot for the ap_supplier I was not able to view in the Instance selection the variable defined at the previous step.

Could you please help?

Thank you,
Elena B

Re: Launchpad v5 - Next Version

Posted: 23 Nov 2023, 16:33
by sarah.smith
Hi Elena,

In the Import Spec the Simple Instance that you have created for the Supplier needs to be above the Application Simple Instance - if it is below it will not pick it up. You can move it up by selecting it and clicking on the Move Up button.

Could that be the issue?


Re: Launchpad v5 - Next Version

Posted: 24 Nov 2023, 06:55
by ellenab
Hi Sarah,

Thank your for your prompt response. I did what you suggested and it worked.

Best regards,
Elena B

Re: Launchpad v5 - Next Version

Posted: 25 May 2024, 12:41
by bsmartHP
Maintaining IDs of entries, instead using names for matching would improve integrity of imports/exports. The new EA Assistant providing Replace Data/Merge data options should work for the Launchpad. We still feel "tethered to the Launchpad", as the fastest way for a bulk data update (e.g. where a supplier gets taken over and renames their applications in bulk).

Remove the blank row between the headers and data to enable easy sorting in the Spreadsheet. (we've done this internally and adjusted the import)
Add more reference data (we've added RPO and RTO values) and ideally most of Luanchpad+ items.

Here are some things we've done or are about to add, which may be useful to others.
We added the following to the import spec for Suppliers, RPO, RTO, Criticality and Sensitivity to the Applications sheet. Considering adding a number of users.

Add Data Domains/Subdomains import/export to enable the data playbook would be important and would support the Information Reference Model Dashboard.

Add Roles, Costs and Resources (FTE supporting) sheets.

Most importantly, Import Spec should be able to be used for Launchpad Export, so that Import/Export are aligned.
Currently we can customise the Import Spec, but not the Export. Using Query builder is overly slow and manual (we may need to start building a library).