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ECP-6 Strategy Management Viewpoints

Posted: 22 May 2010, 20:59
by jonathan.carter
ECP-6 will produce viewpoints to support Strategy Management processes, providing analysis reports and viewpoints from the instances of the meta classes in the Strategy Management section of the meta model. This ECP is related to ECP-4 (strategy management meta classes).

Initial requirements for ECP-6 are to produce a timeline viewpoint of the roadmap models, showing the roadmap milestones at the relevant points on the timeline. Clicking on a roadmap milestone should details of the architecture state used at that milestone and the objectives that are being met.

Please capture any additional requirements for this viewpoint as replies to this topic.

Other Strategy Managment Viewpoints
Any additional ideas for strategy management viewpoints should be captured in this topic. Strategic Plans are already available as an XSLT template for reporting the details of any strategic plan. It's likely that these might be used in relation to the above roadmap viewpoint. However, it's also likely that a number of more specific/detailed analysis viewpoints from the roadmaps and architecture states will be identified.
Again, any ideas for these should be captured in this topic.


Installation problem

Posted: 24 May 2010, 10:41
by tuan730
Hi Jason,

I'm a new member - and could not get the kit installed.

After I clicked on the essentialinstall.jar I did not get pass through step 4: Determine the location for the Widgets installation.

I selected many locations / folders (example: C:\Program Files\Essential) I still got the error message: "The file or directory you have chosen either does not exist or is not appropriate"

Can you help?

Re: ECP-6 Strategy Management Viewpoints

Posted: 24 May 2010, 22:49
by jonathan.carter
This isn't really the correct forum for this post. Please use the 'Essential Software Platform' forum for problems with the Essential Architecture Manager software.

To answer your query (with another question!), have you installed all the pre-requisites before installing Essential Architecture Manager?

With this message, the installer cannot find your Protege installation. It will search all the default installation locations, e.g. C:\Program Files\Protege_3.4.4, /Applications/Protege_3.4.4. If you have installed Protege, at this stage of the installer, please browse to the location on your filesystem where it can find Protege.

When the installer can find your Protege installation, it will proceed to the next step. By the way, it will also search for your Tomcat (or favourite Web Application Server) install location in order to install the Essential Viewer WAR.

Hopefully, this will get the installer completing successfully.

If you're still having installer problems, please post back in the 'Essential Software Platform' forum to keep this topic focussed on ECP-6.