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Have the tools of the Essential Project been successfully used in a major production environment?
The Essential Project tools have evolved over several years to address a variety of client needs. The version we have now launched on the market has been used successfully by major organizations for more than a year.

How complete is the Essential Meta-Model, for example, do you support TOGAF, Zachman, DoDAF, Archimate etc.?
The tools of the Essential Project are framework-independent. A more relevant question would be: "Having adopted a particular framework, can my organization still adopt the tools from the Essential Project?" - and in our experience the answer is generally "Yes".

Do you offer language packs?
We do not currently offer language packs.

What are we allowed to change?
Although anything can be changed, we would not recommend making changes to the core meta-classes of the Essential Meta-Model as such changes would need to be reflected all the way through the Essential Modeller and in the reports in the Essential Viewer.

However, it is possible and easy to extend the Essential Meta-Model with new classes and attributes and to create new custom Essential Viewer reports to meet organization-specific needs.

How proven/robust is it (scale/multi users/change management/data limits)?
The tools of the Essential Project have been used for managing enterprise architectures in a number of EAS client engagements and their usability and reliability have been tested and proven in these engagements.

The Essential Architecture Manager repository tool is based on Protégé, a widely-used, open source knowledge base platform developed and maintained by Stanford University. Protégé has proved to be scalable, reliable and flexible during the period of years in which it has been used.

Is it possible to use the tools of the Essential Project across more than one site?
Yes, as long as it is installed in the multi-user mode and is supported by a data base.
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