How to map Application with the Using Sites (Geographic Distribution)

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I'm using OpenSource Platform, but think this is the generic question so post here for seeking your help.

While trying to adopt Essential, our EA team are using ArchiMate tool for modeling work, see attached picture, we have use Application Component notation for business applications, and Location notation for our different markets/countries, and the relation from application to location is using "Serving", in that way, we have this kind of application geographic distribution view and we can load it into PowerBI dashboard for visualization.

Moving to Essention, read from the documentation, I've used “Application_Layer | Applicaiton_Logical | Application_Provider_Type | Application_Provider" now to create Business Applications, and "Business_Layer | Business_Physical | Site" for our markets, but I cannot find how to connect them together?

Does anyone can help to explain the meta-model that I should follow to link these two concepts? And then making the view able to show the Application Geographic Distribution?

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