How to link essential to vmware production machine

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Good day
I've been struggling with linking my repository with the one I,m using on my windows with the one I want to use on vmware production machine and how to also have back ups for database.
Your help will be highly appreciated

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You can you use the Snapshot tab to take a copy of your current repository on, e.g. your Windows machine. This creates a ZIP file that you can then move to, e.g. your VMWare machine.

Unpack the ZIP snapshot and from there you can load the repository using the PPRJ file.

You can use the Snapshot tab to make offline backups of your repository. This tab creates a ZIP file which you can then manage in your filesystem.

If you have a database back-end for your repository (that is, your repository is stored in a relational database such as MySQL or ProgreSQL), you can use your database server’s backup capabilities create backups that can be used to restore a damaged database.

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