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The following list contains the rules for using and participating in the Essential Project Forum. Please note that failure to abide by these rules may result in editing or deletion of posts as well as removal of registration and bans.
  • Only one account per person is allowed.
  • Please use a valid email address to register. Disposable email addresses are not allowed. If found, we will remove the account in question.
  • We are a community and request that you do not use domain names in the forum or as a login name.
  • The forum is designed to support and help the users of Essential. Please do not pretend to be or to represent somebody else. Your account will be deleted if found to be in breach of this rule.
  • Post your comment/question to the most appropriate place and do not cross-post the same question to multiple places.
  • Any posts deemed to be in the wrong forum will be moved.
  • If you are replying, make sure you have read the entire article/post completely before doing so.
  • Before posting a question, use the search feature to check that it has not been answered already.
  • Choose your subject line carefully – a brief summary of the post is good, ‘I’m having problems’ is bad!
  • Make sure that you give as much information as you can in the post. This will allow others to help you as quickly as possible without having to ask too many additional questions.
  • Keep all posts on-topic and useful. This is a forum not a chat page.
  • All posts must be in English.
  • Do not post personal messages.
  • Do not discuss illegal activities.
  • Do not post obscene or threatening remarks, or add links to sites that are inappropriate.
  • Ensure all posts are relevant, polite and courteous.
  • Ensure that not only do you use the forum to receive help, but also that you take the time to give help where you can.
  • No commercial advertising is allowed.
  • Any posts deemed to be self promotion, advertising, or spam will be removed.
  • The forum is designed to support and help the users of Essential. If you have an issue with any private commercial arrangements regarding Essential please settle them in private using the relevant channels.
  • If you feel a post violates any of these rules, please report it by contacting a moderator.
  • We reserve the right to remove your registration and ban you from the site.
  • We reserve the right to change these rules at any time.
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