How does your organization use Essential?

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My organization is relatively new to using Essential, as we've barely managed to get our composite application providers into the tool, as well as have started to fill out the underlying technology products in use.

We're at the point where we want to start utilizing the tool for things like tracking TBM (technology business management)elements and costs for various applications but seem to be struggling to find which data elements from TBM correspond to what elements in Essential.

I'm wondering how other folks active on here are utilizing the tool. What are your successes? What does the tool do well? What does the tool NOT do well (or at all)?

Also, does anyone here utilize the API functions with Essential? Our site currently is inputting data manually into the tool or the launchpad spreadsheets. This isn't optimal as there's going to be constant work to ensure Essential is up to date with manual inputs, as well as increased ability to get data errors in transcription of information.
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