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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Essential Cloud cost?

A flat $12,500* per annum subscription for unlimited editors and users – there are no additional license fees or seat based costs to add. The subscription covers the entire Essential Cloud platform including the 100+ views that you see in the online demo viewer.

What if I want to add more users?

There is no additional charge, it’s covered under your annual subscription

What if I want more people to edit data in Essential?

There is no additional charge, it’s covered under your annual subscription.

Does Essential Cloud mean that Open Source will be retired?

No, we are committed to Open Source. We see the two as peers, the cloud just offers a simpler way for organizations to use and access Essential, and also has enhanced user management and security that is not possible in open source. Our business model relies on having both platforms, so we will not be neglecting open source.

What is your roadmap for Essential?

We are working with our user groups on a roadmap at the moment and will publish that in the near future. At the heart will be our ‘Everyone is an Architect’ principle, where users, who understand their own domain, will be able to capture data about your organization without having to understand the model.

How much data can Essential hold?

Both Essential Open Source and Cloud can scale to cover several million instances, this is based on testing performed by Stanford University on the Protégé engine.

Can you automate the data import?

Yes, we have the ability to import CSV and XML based data already. You can build imports to load data into Essential from other systems, as long as they are structured in the way they export data.

Do I need Essential Cloud to use the packs?

No, the packs work on Open Source or Essential Cloud

How easy is it to create new views?

Typically, with a bit of XSL experience, it is fairly straightforward. A simple view can take less than a day, a more complex one a couple of days and a very complex one a week or so. A large number of Essential clients do this themselves, some client engage us to build some ‘prettier’ views. The choice is yours.

Is it really just $12,500*?

Yes, there are no additional costs for the base Essential Cloud and the out-of-the-box views. We have a low-cost approach so you can invest your money in delivering value, not in licences. If you decide you want additional packs, view loaders or services, you will see that they are all priced at a reasonable low-cost.

* Note: this is the price for a US hosted AWS instance. Instances hosted in Europe or AsiaPac have different prices, aligned to the AWS pricing in those regions.

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