Free Essential Launchpad

Get your Essential architecture up and running quickly

Populates over 20 key views to kickstart your EA

We have created the Essential Launchpad to help organisations quick start their data capture, and populate some of the key foundational views in Essential.

The focus is on allowing you to gain an understanding of the business landscape, how it is supported by your applications and the deployments of your applications. This data is the foundation for many of the other views in Essential and it provides a great launchpad for using Essential.

We’re now on Launchpad 3, which:

  • Adds the ability to look at application rationalisation opportunities, either from an application or a services perspective
  • Includes the strategic technology product selector, allowing teams to use reference architectures and product standards to aid their solution design
  • Utilises the new Business Process Family class with an updated Business Process Catalogue and a new Business Process Family Summary

For more information on the new views and how they work see here

The views populated by the Essential Launchpad are:

(Click image to expand)

IT Dashboard
enterprise architecture asset dashboard

Application Footprint Comparison
enterprise architecture application footprint comparison

Application By Host Country
enterprise architecture applications by host country
Application Rationalisation Analysis
enterprise architecture application rationalisation

Business Capability Model
enterprise architecture business capabilities

Application Reference Model
enterprise architecture application reference model

Application Summary
enterprise architecture application summary

Application Radar
enterprise architecture application radar
Strategic Product Selection (Reference Architectures)
enterprise architecture strategic products selection

Business Capability to Technology Tree
enterprise architecture business to technology tree

Application Capability Summary
enterprise architecture application capability summary

Application Diversity Analysis
enterprise architecture application diversity analysis

Technology Component Summary
enterprise architecture technology components
Technology Product Summary
enterprise architecture technology product summary
Business Capability Summary
enterprise business capability summary

Business Capability to Technology Force
enterprise architecture business to technology force

Business Process Families
enterprise architecture business process families

Business Domain IT Analysis
enterprise architecture business domain IT analysis

Application Deployment Summary
enterprise architecture application deployment

Technology Node Summary
enterprise architecture technology node summary


Business Domain Catalogue
Business Capability Catalogue
Business Process Catalogue
Application Capability Catalogue
Application Catalogue
Application Service Catalogue
Technology Component Catalogue
Technology Product Catalogue
Technology Node Catalogue

Included in the Pack:

  • Essential Launchpad Capture Spreadsheet
  • Essential Launchpad Import Specification
  • Essential Launchpad Instructions for use

Launchpad: Version 2
Note: for some of the views, additional work is required to populate all the fields in the view

To use the Launchpad, contact us here and we will send you the pack.