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See what’s in development and have a play.

Take the opportunity to try out some prototypes from our labs

We’re offering users the opportunity to try out some of the development views and capabilities that we are working on in our labs

Feel free to download and use them with your data, we'd love to get your feedback on suggestions, improvements and further ideas to help you in your role. These are working prototypes, but if you do happen to find any bugs please let us know.

Note: The labs developments are not supported, although you can post queries on the forums. We do not guarantee all developments will appear in future releases. We do not guarantee release dates but will aim to push some of these into the next release.

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Latest labs

Completeness Dashboard

See completeness of data in your repository, which instances aren't populated, which slots are populated, find objects not populated, etc

Data Duplication Dashboard

See potential duplicates in your repository.

Data Duplication Finder

Utilise fuzzy logic to identify duplicates by class.

Detailed View for Integrations

See where data is flowing where integration technology is used.

Previous Labs

Design Authority View

See if your solution requires a waiver from the Design Authority or not.

New Process View

Revised process view

Animated Roadmaps

Application changes over time shown in the animated roadmap.

Business Capability to Technology (tree)

View linkages from capabilities to technology.

Simplified Project Dates Data Capture

Edit dates on the screen directly through a simplified capture mechanism. Import back in via the import utility.

New Software Architecture View

Display the software components of your applications.

Updated Application Catalogue View

Added lifecycle status to the catalogue.

Updated Principles View

Reformatted. You can now tie assessments to the view using the Principle_Compliance_Assessment class.

Updated Business Capabilities

Minor Reformatting. These changes will flow through to other business capability models

NIST Cyber Security Pack

New view with associated import spec and spreadsheet.

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