Essential GDPR- General Data Protection Regulation

Understand your GDPR Exposure and Potential Risk

The Essential GDPR pack enables you to see where you are GDPR compliant and understand the areas of potential GDPR compliance risk. Built on our pre-existing PII data offering, the GDPR pack brings powerful dashboards and visualisations to your GDPR data, allowing you to proactively manage your GDPR compliance and demonstrate to regulatory bodies that you are in control of your GDPR exposure: highlighting where you are compliant, where you have issues and where your risks lie.

Using a simple data capture capability, you can feed your organisation’s GDPR data directly into Essential or, optionally, leverage our ability to automate GDPR data capture through an AI-based solution, provided by our partner, or utilising you own solutions if you have them. With Essential, you will be able to quickly understand your GDPR exposure and your potential risk, allowing you to focus on fixing areas of most need.

Recent additions now include the Regulator GDPR Spreadsheet, which enables you to automatically export your Essential GDPR data directly into the Regulator’s GDPR Spreadsheet, saving considerable time and allowing a speedy response to the FCA, and the new Essential GDPR PIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment) analyses the impact of change on new or existing applications and processes. Both are shown below.

GDPR PIA assessment GDPR Regulator Excel

The problem and our solution in 3 minutes, see the video below:

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GDPR Exposure Dashboard

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If you already have a solution in place to gather and capture GDPR data, then you can overlay Essential GDPR to give your output more context, presenting it in a way that can be consumed by both business, IT and regulatory stakeholders. Contact us to find our more.

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