Essential Docker v6.19.9 Issue

Update – 12th July 2024

This issue has been resolved in a recent release. We recommend ALL Essential Docker customers use v6.19.11 or later.

We recently released Essential Docker v6.19.9 (5th June). In this release, we identified a critical bug where the customer API key could be accidentally deleted after some period of time. This API key is used for all Editors, REST APIs and some other features. Once this API key is deleted, it is unrecoverable and many features of Essential Docker will be unavailable until a new API key is generated.

Today, we have released a new version (6.19.9b) which prevents the deletion of the API key. We will also be shipping another release later this week which addresses the underlying issue.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


  • Why have we released this patch?
    This is an unusual bug as it will only occur for some customers in a very particular set of circumstances. We have chosen to release this urgent patch as a precaution given the potential for disruption.

  • Is this a security issue?
    No. This is a configuration issue that was introduced as part of performance improvements in v6.19.9.

  • I’m running v6.19.9. What should I do?
    We recommend installing v6.19.9b as soon as possible.

  • I’m running v6.19.9, can I just wait for v6.19.10 onwards?
    The issue exists specifically in v6.19.9. There is a risk that the API key may be accidentally deleted by the system. This issue is time and usage based so the likelihood increases the longer you run v6.19.9.

  • I haven’t upgraded to v6.19.9 yet. What should I do?
    We suggest waiting for the next release of Essential Docker (due later this week).

We will update this page once if we have any further information.

Last updated: 25th June 2024

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