From version 1.2 of Essential Architecture Manager, an installer program replaces the manual installation process for the plugins and components of Essential Architecture Manager. When the installer program completes successfully, you can generate an automatic installer that automates the decisions that you made during the install, which can be used to replicate the installation on other machines, e.g. to perform the user workstation installs in a multi-user installation.

Automating an Install

The installer can generate an install script that captures the decisions that you make during the installation, e.g.:

  • Which install packs are to be installed (e.g. Widgets, Viewer, Meta Model, server configuration)
  • Protege and Tomcat plugin install directories
  • The Essential Repository install directory

Having saved this automatic install script, this XML file is used to install on other machines with the following command in a command prompt or terminal window:

java -jar essentialinstall.jar <your auto install file.xml>


java -jar essentialinstall.jar autoinstall.xml
The machine to which you wish to perform the auto install must already meet all the installation prerequisites: Java JRE 1.5 or higher, Protege 3.4 or higher and a suitable Java Web Application Server, e.g. Apache Tomcat.