It is not necessary to update the entire Essential Viewer web application in order to add new or updated analysis reports. This article describes the process of installing a new or updated Essential Viewer report.

This article does not describe how to install an new version of the Essential Viewer web application. For details of how to update the web application, please see this article.



A new or updated report is installed by copying the report files into the Essential Viewer deployment in your environment. A new report must additionally be registered with Essential Architecture Manager before it becomes available for use.


Deploy new or updated report

Where a new report or an update is delivered as a ZIP file, unpack the ZIP before proceeding.

Following the specific set of instructions delivered with the new or updated report, copy the files, which are typically XSL files, to the correct sub-folders of the Essential Viewer:


The report files should be copied, as directed, to one or more of the following sub folders:

  • application - reports relevant to Application architecture activities.
  • business - reports relevant to Business architecture activities
  • common - report components that are used by other reports, e.g. page header rendering
  • information - reports relevant to Information architecture activities
  • technology - reports relevant to Technolog architecture activities
Normally, your application server, (e.g. Tomcat) will pick up these new files and use them without the need for a restart.

Some more complex reports may require other components, such as JSPs. These additional components should be deployed alongside the XSL for the report and any supporting Java libraries (JAR files) should be deployed to the WEB-INF/lib/ folder of the Essential Viewer web application.

If you have just deployed an update to an existing report, your updated report is now ready to use. If you have just added a new report to Essential Viewer, you must now register it with Essential Architecture Manager.


Register a new report with Essential Architecture Manager

When you've completed the above deployment, you're ready to use your report. However, to have appear in the lists of available reports, it must be registered with Essential Architecture Manager. The Adding New Reports tutorial describes how this is done.

With the registration complete, your new report will appear in the report catalogues in Essential Viewer.