A new version of the Essential Viewer component of Essential Architecture Manager is delivered as a Java Web Archive (WAR) ready to be deployed to your Java application server. This article describes how to deploy a new version of this web application.

Updates to individual reports may also be provided as ZIP archives of the updated XSL, JSP etc. files. This article does not describe how to install such updates. Details of how to update analysis report files is provided in this article.



To install a new version of the Essential Viewer web application, you should not need to stop any running applications. However, if you encounter any issues with the installation of the new version of the web application (e.g. the new version will not deploy or the web application will not respond), please restart your application server after completing step 2, below.



The installation process is simple:

  • Backup any additional or customised reports that you have created or downloaded and that are not part of the standard application
  • Install the new Essential Viewer web application

1. Backup Customised Viewer Reports

If you have created any new Essential Viewer analysis reports or edited any of the standard reports, please make a backup copy of the appropriate files before continuing.
Please review the new report files when you have completed the update in case any of the reports that you have edited have been changed as part of the update.

2. Install Essential Viewer

Deploy the essential_viewer.war to your Tomcat (or other Java Server). You can do this by:
  • Copying essential_viewer.war to the <Tomcat>/webapps directory
  • Deploying the essential_viewer.war via the Tomcat Manager web page.
If you want to share your Essential Viewer with others in your organization, you can deploy the Essential Viewer to an instance of Tomcat that is running on a network server, using the same steps described above.

Tomcat (or your preferred Java Application Server) should overwrite the existing version of Essential Viewer. If you encounter any problems with this, please un-deploy your existing version of Essential Viewer before deploying the upgrade.