The Essential Widgets are delivered as a ZIP file containing the widgets Java archive (JAR) file and the supporting files.

This article describes the process for applying a new update of the Essential Widgets


Before you start the Essential Widgets update, please save your work and close Protege.

Apply the update

Updates to the Essential Widgets are installed in the same way as a new installation. However, applying an update requires some additional tasks, as follows:

1. Preserve Publish History - optional

If you wish to preserve the history of Essential Viewer servers that you have been publishing to, you must take a back up of the history file.

This history only contains a list of Essential Viewer reporting service URLs that have been successfully used. For most installations, where only one or two reporting services are used, preserving the history may not be appropriate.

Open your file browser and navigate to:

<Protege Install>/plugins/com.enterprise_architecture.essential.widgets

Copy history.xml to a safe temporary location, e.g. your desktop

2. Remove old Essential Widgets Installation

To ensure that the update does not get confused with any existing installations of the Essential Widgets, remove the existing installation as follows:

<Protege Install>/plugins

Delete the folder:


3. Install the new update of the Essential Widgets

Unpack the ZIP file to produce a folder called: com.enterprise_architecture.essential.widgets
Move (or optionally copy) this folder to:

<Protege Install>/plugins
Installing Essential Widgets screenshot

4. Start Protege and check the update

Open Protege and from the file menu, select Help->About Plugins...

From this list, select 'Essential Architecture Manager Report Tab' Check that the version number reported is the same as that of the update that you've just applied. If so, then the update is complete.

5. Restore Preserved Publish History - optional

If you have saved your publish history and the update has been applied correctly (as described in Step 4), restore it now by copying history.xml from your temporary safe location to:

<Protege Install>/plugins/com.enterprise_architecture.essential.widgets

Potential Issues

If the reported version number from Help->About Plugins... is not as expected or you have more than one 'Essential Architecture Manager Report Tab' in the list of Plugins shown in Protege, it is likely that you have not removed the old installation of the Essential Widgets before applying the update. In this case, please return to Step 1 and repeat.