This install guide describes how to install the pre-alpha release of the Essential Integration Server.

Once you have downloaded the Essential Integration Server ZIP file. Unpack to access the Essential Integration Server software.

Unpacking the ZIP file should produce the file EssentialIntegrationServer.war. If the unpacking process also unpacks the WAR, e.g. as on Mac OS X, copy the folder (instead of the WAR file) 'EssentialIntegrationServer' as described below.

The Essential Integration Server is delivered as a Java Web Archive file (.WAR file) to run on any Java Application Server, such as Tomcat.

Deploy the downloaded EssentialIntegrationServer.war file (or the unpacked EssentialIntegrationServer folder) to your web application by copying it to:

<Tomcat Install>/webapps

Tomcat will then unpack the WAR file. To test that it has been deployed correctly, go to your web browser and use the following URL:

http://<your host>:8080/EssentialIntegrationServer/

You should now see the following page:Essential Integration Server homepage screenshot

Now you are ready to get started with the Essential Integration Server. For more details, see the tutorial.