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Essential Cloud Essential Docker Essential Open Source
Annual Price from $12,500 Coming Soon Free
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Ontology-based Meta Model, rich beyond EA
Over 120 views focused on analysis, road mapping and visualisations
Unlimited users of Modeller and Viewer
Fast start Launchpad populating key foundational views
Extensible Meta Model and Viewer
Technical support included
Browser-based modelling
Access to Everyone's Essential, for easy data capture and maintenance
3 Repositories and 3 Viewers included
Hosting Options
Hosted in Cloud

Hosted On Premise
A powerful security interface, across data capture and viewer
SAML Integration
MFA Support
Leverage Business Outcome Focused Packs
Access to business lenses such as APM
Access to specialist lenses such as GDPR
6 Month success review included
Integrate Data
Advanced bi-directional APIs Not v1.0
Basic Rest APIs
Easy import and export of data via Excel, CSV or XML