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The Essential Project is designed to be a Community project, where the requirements and priorities for its development are geared directly towards the needs of the project Community.  We have made a number of major additions since launch and have received input from the community regarding current priorities.  The roadmap below has been updated to describe the current direction and future capabilities that we have identified for the Essential Project, as at December 2011.

In publishing this roadmap, we aim to help identify the key areas of development for the Project. The roadmap should not, however, be seen as a delivery plan. Rather, we expect that priorities and requirements will change according to the demand from the Community.



Currently, there are four main workstreams for developing the Essential Project and Essential Architecture Manager in particular.

  • Software Platform
  • Meta Model
  • Reporting
  • Services



Essential Architecture Manager Software Platform

In the software platform, the main activities are:

  • Snapshot Protégé Tab – The ability to take a snapshot of a repository, primarily to support off-line working.
  • v3 Viewer Engine – Support for improved caching, faster rendering, extended parameters and improved error reporting.
  • Excel data Capture Template – Provides the ability to create excel templates from within Essential to support faster data capture.
  • Import Utility – Provides a means to import data into Essential.
  • Update Protégé Tab – Provides a quicker and easier means to apply Essential updates.
  • Import Utility Extensions – Increased functionality for the Import facility.


Essential Meta Model

In the meta model stream, the main activities identified are:

  • Core Meta Model
    • V1-3 Update Pack – consolidates all previous updates into one pack, including support for Data Governance, Taxonomies, Geography and Synonyms.
    • Support for BPMN and XPDL
  • Support Meta Model Extensions. Defining and implementing new meta model extensions for:
    • Strategy Management - Improved support for multiple architecture states and architecture roadmaps
    • Change Management - Addition of generic capabilities for managing architecture dependencies across change initiatives - i.e. projects and programmes
    • Security - allows an organisation to define its Security Architecture and its application to the resources in the organisation
    • Legal Management - Support for managing legal compliance for technology and business services, e.g. licensing
    • Cost Management - Support for managing the costs of elements in the architecture, e.g. technology or business contract costs
    • Compliance Management - Develop the initial set of classes for managing compliance and policies and associating these with elements in the core meta model.
    • Information Lifecycle Management - Implementing existing design for defining and managing polices for information lifecycle and associating these with elements in the Information Layer.
    • Skills Management - Supports the ability to capture and model Skills required by Business Roles and provided by Actors in the business layer.


In the reporting stream, the main activities are:

  • Upgraded Viewer Environment including new CSS and XSL framework for faster view development
  • Upgraded UI for all Standard Views including view filters, new UML style views, new graphical and interactive views.
  • Large number of views to support v3 meta model updates
  • Compliance Management Views
  • Essential Viewpack for use with TOGAF 9 Framework
  • Information Lifecycle Management views
  • Skills Management views


Essential Services

  • Training Courses – A number of options for training are available based on a standard five day course that covers the fundamentals of Essential.
    • Open Training  - For individuals from end user client organisations or consultancies
    • Tailored Training - Standard or tailored training dedicated to an end user client

Further information on training options is available.

  • Training Modules – Training is available for the following modules.  These are given as part of the open or tailored courses. Further information on training options is available :-
    • v3 modelling training (all layers – overview, Business, Information, Application, Technology)
    • View Development
    • Change Management
    • Strategy Management
    • Security Management
    • Data Management
    • Essential Administration
    • Compliance management
    • Information Lifecycle
    • TOGAF9 in Essential

Contributing to the Roadmap

We are committed to driving the development of the Essential Project from the needs of the Community. Please contribute your requirements to the Project and become part of the Community via the forums.